girls (or guys) who freeze their butts off on football fields during field shows but still have the hugest smiles on their faces(hey showmanship points r always the easiest!!!) who start to think band or drumline guys r hot because they have no life outside of band/colorguard prac. and are always in step with the person next to you even when youre not in competition or at practice! also people who have the time of their lives tossing flags and hating it when people mistaken them for CHEERLEADERS.
omg my fingers match the purple sequins on my costume!!

(at the mall with a friend whos not in cg)F: y do u keep doing that funny leap skip thing? You: o so im in step!

omg look its a drumline!! r they hot?
by christine December 06, 2003
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1. A true test of physical strength and ability.
2. The only place where you can legally flip it, whip it, and strip it!
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One Step!
One Tempo!
One Beat!
One Spin!
One Movement!
One Motivation!
One Voice!
One Objective!
One Aim!
One Ambition!
One Incentive!
One Dream!
One Goal!
One Guard!
1: What are they chanting?

2: Colorguard...it's a cult. Duh.
by Keikoku July 13, 2006
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1. A group of people who are talented enough to not only march but also twirl flags rifles and sabers and sometimes dancing while doing so. And performing in field shows and pardes.
2. Somthing that takes your entire life.
3. an extra curricular activity which is much harder than cheer.
4. A group which makes the marching band look good.
1. WHere were you friday night?
at the game performing field show.
On Saturday?
o competition
all week after school?
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Color guard is the definition of passion. It is being able to stand at attention for what feels like forever, hold a pose because one girl dropped her's, pushing through to the end, dropping your toss and getting right back in and smiling like nothing ever happened, and most of all color guard is going onto the field and performing your heart out for the judges. Yeah, it's hard, thats why it's only for the tough ones.
by ....:D...... October 03, 2010
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1. a semi-cult which no one outside of it understands, because they cannot handle the greatness of it

2. a group of girls, and occasionally a gay guy, who make marching band far more interesting by dancing and twirling flags, sabres, rifles, batons, and sometimes the odd prop or two
Person 1: I don't like marching band shows. They're so boring.

Person 2: No they're not! Look at the shiny flags and weapons.
by ehhhhh April 16, 2005
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an intense sport for girls and guys who's gpa and sat scores are too high to be cheerleaders.



"Why don't they spell out marching band?"< colorguard member

"too long for them." colorguard member 2
by unknown guard member June 16, 2007
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