People who are too talented for the dance team and way too smart for cheerleading. If you can toss it or spin it, it's most likely going to be in the show.
Andrew: I hate the color guard. Jenny if you were on the dance team....
Jenny: *Beats the living crap out of Andrew.* Color guard beats the living crap out of dance team!!
by Darth_`Eowyn November 09, 2006
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A group of girls (or guys) who are very talented! They spin, toss, and dance alongside of the marching band. They have to remember several tough routines, know the exact counts, and march to their exact spots on the field. People may not realize it, but a there are a lot of hot guard girls. Most people just stare at them. Oh and by the way, it is actually a sport unlike cheerleading.
Bob---"woah man did you see the color guard and that toss they just did?"

Greg---"yea and did you see that girl's ass in her unitard?"
by goob123 November 17, 2005
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A group of girls or guys who march with the band and provide the band's "visual" aspect. They are way more talented than cheerleaders, even though the cheerleaders get all the credit. Sometimes WRONGLY referred to as "wannabe cheerleaders" even though people on color guard look down on cheerleaders for having NO talent and for being so stupid. Color guard people toss and twirl flags, rifles, and sabres, and continually defy the laws of gravity by tossing like 10 pound rifles and 6 foot flags over their heads. It is a SPORT which requires a lot of physical endurance and it is way more artistic than cheerleading. It is also WAY harder!
The color guard was so beautiful and the cheerleaders were so ugly!
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An amazing sport where Girls and sometimes Guys spin flags, rifles, and sabres. They ARE NOT all fat. They ARE NOT rejects of the dance team or cheeleading squads. When they play instruments during non-marching band season they are kick ass. colorguard is amazing. Band knows not to say something they are gonna regret if a guard girl finds out. They make the band look good
percussionist: why do we even have a Colorguard? gay
*colorguard walks onto field, everyone cheers*

band director: thats why
by guardgirl2013 September 16, 2009
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Colorguard means spending every waking hour trying to improve each toss, becoming more emotional, hearing your guard instructor yell at you at the top of his lungs"Focus!Detail!Expression!Technique!"It about loving what you do, with the people you people you love-your guard family, a sisterhood(or family-depending of weather there is a guard boy) it's being everything you want to be in that moment-when your on the floor. It's our life, it's our love, it's our family, it's us......
Tia guards.com
by Ashley Tay April 07, 2005
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This is an organization of skilled females and/or males that learn countless marching drills, twirl flags, rifles, sabers or other items in time with music from the band or to drum solo's. They spend countless days during the summer in the heat on asphalt learning drills, marching for hours on to produce a show that usually last about 10 minutes. They can throw their item of choice up to 10 feet in the air and as the item is in the air it spins in rotation to land back in the hands of the person who threw it or to another person it was thrown to. Some guard people can even spin around while said item is in the air before they catch this item. WGI- most of the people in band and guard are honor students and/or straight A students.
wgi twirl honor students flad riflecolor guard
by Firefighter Mom December 05, 2010
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