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A section of the marching band that spins/tosses a variety of different "weapons" including sabers, rifles, flags, and air blades. Generally gets made fun of by members of the winds and drum line. Guard members are the only ones who can describe how it feels to toss high into the air and catch perfectly, while staying in step and looking pretty. Because really, that's the only point of the guard; to look good.
Angry band member: "I hate color guard. They're always in the way, and they have it so easy. Everyone knows they only join because they suck at their instrument and aren't good enough to be on the cheer squad or dance team."

Guard member: "Hello, we have to run around you guys the entire parade, have practices twice as long as yours and three times as often. I play first chair on sax along with french horn and clarinet, AND I'm on the varsity cheerleading and dance teams. Piss off."
by Theangryspinner June 26, 2010

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