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Something that adds color and life into half time shows. I've seen shows without it and it's just not the same. Being part of it is a LOT harder than you would think. I was in it freshman year of high school and it was the hardest thing I did. It's a very rewarding sport and requires some skill. It is often made fun of and thought to be useless. They seem to believe that all we do is twirl our flags, but it is really MUCH more than that. We spin flags, rifles and sabers while marching and keeping smiles on our faces. Not only that, but there is also dance weaved into it. If you make your team, be prepared for multiple injuries, but also one of the best experiences.
During my year of Color guard, I hit my lip twice with my flag and rifle. I hit my funny bone multiple times and hit myself in the stomach trying to toss my flag above my head (the name of the move escapes me). But I came out feeling more responsible and feeling a lot better about myself in general. It really is a one of a kind experience.
by IloveCG April 29, 2011
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