A cursed musical instrument said to have come from the Devil.
Rich: Ahh! My ears!
John: That, my friend, is the piccolo.
by Foolosopher84 January 20, 2015
Smaller than a flute, but an octave higher. Extremely hard to tune. Excrutiating to hear when WAY out of tune. Hard to play. Harder to master.
"Oh my god! What was that?!"
"What that high pitched noise?"
"That would be the piccolo..."
by pic_chic January 12, 2006
A Namekian. Son of Piccolo Daimou. Originated in the anime and manga Dragon Ball. Formerly Goku's rival, he was forced to join forces with him when Raditz, a Saiyan from the planet, Vegeta, invaded Earth. Killing Goku and Raditz in one decisive blow, Raditz warned everyone that two Saiyans would appear on Earth in one year. Piccolo took Gohan, Goku's son, and trained him to become a strong warrior.

Through the series, Piccolo went from a bad guy to defeat Goku to a hero with a strong, unshakable will. He battled some of the major villains in Dragon Ball Z, including Frieza, Cell, and some of the movie villains as well.
Piccolo is capable of strong abilities such as the Special Beam Cannon and the Hellzon Grenade. In addition to his strong fighting ability, he also has the ability to regenerate any limbs he loses in battle.
by Durango February 1, 2007
A glorious instrument, if played properly and in tune. It takes a master flute player to tread on the ground of the piccolo, only some make it out okay...
What is that glorious noise?
It's Abby, playing the piccolo perfectly in tune and properly.
I didn't think that was possible...
It is quite rare, for the average piccolo player.
by RalphSpelledRalf July 1, 2018
noun: In Lebanon piccolo refers to an amount of money a person pays to the stripper to join his table.
She is hot, open a piccolo
by jad90 May 7, 2013
1. n. A musical instrument; a small flute.
2. An anti-hero in the dragonball series. He starts off as a bad guy, with evil ambitions to rule the world, however after he kills Goku along with Raditz, and after he trains Gohan, he starts to become one of the good guys.
I play the Piccolo
Kami: Piccolo is my evil counter-part.
by kyle.biddle January 5, 2011
A character on the show Dragon Ball Z. Originally a bad guy in Dragon Ball, the new Piccolo is the son of the old piccolo and is much nicer, but is still mean. He is a namek, and after fusing with kami he is about as strong as a super saiyan.
Piccolo is the best!
by 1337_shadow February 15, 2005