for gods sake

the nicer version of ffs
fgs why didn't you help me.
by Quazzy July 23, 2004
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Abbreviation for "for gods sake" (also spelled as "forgodsakes"), used to exemplify exasperation. A common variant of this phrase is "for fuck's sake" or "ffs".
You blew up the cat AGAIN?! This is the fifth time fgs!!!
by bitposs March 19, 2017
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"Get a girlfriend FGS, stop wanking your meat everyday."
by ShuNAm March 01, 2016
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Fucking Genius. A title awarded to those whom are intelligent and wish to place emphasis on their natural aptitude in matters of the mind.
Kumar: Dunahee is a FG, did you hear how well he did on his test?

Felipe: Yes, and I heard he didn't even study. I wish I was a FG.
by Dresmeister April 09, 2010
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FG stands for fuckgirl. It's a shorter form and sucres way of saying it. A fuckgirl is a girl who acts like a fuckboy. She strings them along and uses other guys when shes already maybe dating someone else. She loves getting attention from many guys. Its the type of girl who thinks shes hot and the shit and attempts to show it without trying but it is obvious that she is. She's particularly easy and will go for any guy that gets thrown at her.
Ryan: bro, she's texting over 10 guys..
Zack: she's definetly a FG..
by Rushhour10 September 16, 2015
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First Girlfriend Syndrome

A condition induced by a man's (or boy's) first girlfriend. Characterized by excessive PDA, constant giggling and tickling, loss of priorities and individuality/manhood, distancing from friends, and general increase in bitchness. Known to upset the "Bros before Hoes" mantra of guy code.
Yo, invite Ted and Luke over, let's get bombed!

Nah dude, they came down with FGS, remember?

Oh right, I forgot they're bitch-made now. Fucking FGS.
by MichaelScarn69 July 20, 2011
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Fangirl, usually a young girl obsessed with boybands.
Most notable in the fangirls of KPOP groups
A: Jessica is so obsessed with EXO and cute Korean stars
B: What an FG
by cheese374 April 16, 2014
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