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for gods sake

the nicer version of ffs
fgs why didn't you help me.
by Quazzy July 23, 2004
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First Girlfriend Syndrome

A condition induced by a man's (or boy's) first girlfriend. Characterized by excessive PDA, constant giggling and tickling, loss of priorities and individuality/manhood, distancing from friends, and general increase in bitchness. Known to upset the "Bros before Hoes" mantra of guy code.
Yo, invite Ted and Luke over, let's get bombed!

Nah dude, they came down with FGS, remember?

Oh right, I forgot they're bitch-made now. Fucking FGS.
by MichaelScarn69 July 20, 2011
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Abbreviation for "for gods sake" (also spelled as "forgodsakes"), used to exemplify exasperation. A common variant of this phrase is "for fuck's sake" or "ffs".
You blew up the cat AGAIN?! This is the fifth time fgs!!!
by bitposs March 19, 2017
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"Get a girlfriend FGS, stop wanking your meat everyday."
by ShuNAm August 18, 2016
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Fine Girl Syndrome/Fine Guy Syndrome.
A social disorder which occurs when one, from an early age, is aware of the power of their beauty/fine-ness. This allows them to go through life without ever having to use their wit or intellect to get what they want in life. This in turn leaves them severely underdeveloped socially, making them wonder why their ex-boyfriends/ex-girlfriends call them "crazy dickhead" or "insane bitch" after a few months.
Man, that crazy dickwad has FGS.
Man, that crazy bitch has FGS.
by FTD October 09, 2006
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FGS is when fat girls think they can compensate for their apparent lack of sex appeal by going overboard with a "quirky" (i.e. annoying and trying way too hard) personality. Even if you were once a fat girl, but have lost all the weight, you can still suffer from FGS.
Look at her! She is so different and unique. You can bypass her oozing rolls because her personality is so interesting and she is so weird but intriguing. Dumb bitch has FGS.
by slimteufel November 06, 2006
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