"Daddy Trudeau", otherwise known as the most well-known sugar daddy in Canada. Supplying his sugar-babies with 2,000 a month to "live". The best daddy all girls could have during a pandemic. Nice butt that will keep you up till 3:16 AM annoyed that your lover does not have the booty that Daddy Trudeau has. Man of all women's dreams and he's the perfect man for us- I mean Canada.
"I just made my shrine to Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada! I can wait to pray to it tonight!"
by trudaddy's sugarbabies April 24, 2020
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The worst thing ever to happen to Canada. Does not answer a single question, says progressive to get out of every fucking situation he is in. Appointed a journalist with no experience in finance and foreign affairs to be the finance minister. Can't get through a sentence without saying, "um uh... Uh, Canada is a progressive country so no I will not answer your question on anything" Also despite being so, "PROGRESSIVE" did blackface. We literally elected a fucking blackface drama teacher to be our prime minister.
Dumbass: "Derrrrrr! JuStIn TrUdEaU Is ThE BeSt PrImInIsTeR tO EvEr RuLe CanAdEr!"
Rational Person: "Actually, his time as prime minister has been-"
Dumbass: "ShUt Up BiGoT!"
by maxwellian6 March 8, 2021
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Justin Trudeau takes it rectally from the dark lords because he's an obedient, globalist butt boy.
by Irk ed September 14, 2021
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Justin Trudeau is best known for being soft af on issues, saying the most passive "progressive" shit that'll get him likes from 20 year old gender study graduates, while also doing shit like blackface.
by Trajan Anntonius October 18, 2020
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The worst ever prime minister that ever lived.

Justin Trudeau maybe seems nice, but he’s really not. He has done “Blackface” 4 times, extremely racist. Like this dude needs to die, have him lynched or something. I will not go on as a Canadian citizen living with this dumbass prime minister. False info, fires nurses, doctors, etc.. because they are not “vaccinated”.
(Coronavirus is not real it’s just the flu 2.0, all these vaccines do nothing to you. It’s just some watery substance what gets jabbed into your arm)

I have to define this motherfucker smh……

Justin trudeau some prime minister whose a piece of shit to everyone.
by Spheraz February 10, 2022
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