also known as the European Union, the infamous monster who released Article 13, banning copyright images, and therefore stopping the only cure to depression: memes
Britain: "Good thing we left the EU!"
by Mr. Memeologist October 6, 2018
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EU is the European Union, a cooperation between most European countries.

It was originally founded after WWII as a peace initiative. The idea was that with close cooperation between countries, military conflicts would be made impossible.
The EU had 15 member states before 2004.
by jackal March 8, 2005
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A Union in Europe of 27 members whose citizens can freely live or work in any of the other countries, the members share laws and do army drills, has a currency € (Euro) not all of the members use it however, it absolutely destroyed Greece and Italy and Spain Aint to well either.
EU is shit
by #1Shagger August 27, 2018
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European Union.
An immoral, corrupt and socially corrosive construct. Its origins lie in a deep and bitter mistrust of accountable democracy. Its aim is the destruction of the nation state. The terrible price the world is already paying for this project can be seen in the decimation of fish stocks due to the lunacy of the common fisheries policy, the ruination of developing world economies by EU trade tarifs, and the insanity of the common agricultural policy. "The Project" now exists as an answer to a question that is no longer being asked. Instead it continues, merely to provide a sinecure for every third rate politico and careerist bureaucrat who fancies an easy life with high earnings, a big fat pension and no chance of ever being held accountable for their actions.

EU: see also underperforming, unaccountable, unelected, unwanted and unsustainable.
by dixon_cox May 8, 2006
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one of the most absurd organisations in the West. Not democratic in any way, and takes power away from elected governments whenever they like. If you think they arent undemocratic tell me - who is the president of the EU?
a deeply corrupt organisation that seeks to 'unite' a huge range of different cultures and languages into a giant bureacratic failure that will be disastrous for Western economies and living standards
well tbh its not really street lingo so...
by scrotum head faithful October 31, 2004
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European Union; an organised hypocrisy of rapacious corporations, aristocrats and neo-catholics shepherding the mindless flock into Orwell's 1984. Modelled on plans set in place by one A. Hitler (popular Viennese painter and bon viveur; mid 20thC) then continued by every other Euro-demagogue since. Emblem on the EU Paliament, Goddess Europa riding a 10 headed beast. Nuff said! :(
EU taking you to Armageddon with style.
by Hedley Clubnobber August 27, 2006
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