The art of taking a man's cock in your mouth and by using the friction and suction of your mouth, lips, tongue and throat giving him an unforgetable organism so that he cums in your mouth, which you swallow.
Done right cocksucking is not easy but great fun and rewarding.
by tulsa_cocksucker June 30, 2011
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General all-purpose all-american insult used to describe anyone except the person who actually sucks your cock.
Fuck off you worthless cocksucker!
by Alan. May 2, 2006
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Editor in , who rejects good definitions, but passes B.S. like "the best guy/gal in the world" .
By rejecting this you proved that you are cocksucker.
by dildo777 August 12, 2018
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1. Someone who sucks a man's penis.
2. A very stupid person.
1. Because I saw Elena suck Jay's penis I knew that Elena is a cocksucker.
2. That fucking cocksucker stole my money!
by Anonymous July 1, 2003
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A man or woman who willing and enthusiasticly derives great pleasure and enjoyment by providing a guy pleasure by expertly massaging the guy's cock with with their mouth, lips, tongue and throat to the guy's complete satifaction until he cums. Which a true cocksucker swallows.
Of course I swallow, I'm a cocksucker.
by tulsa_cocksucker June 27, 2011
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A disgraceful practise where a woman or an inverted man willingly engages in oral intercourse. This sexual act induces incredible sexual pleasure upon the male, with the added value that it cannot lead to pregnancy. This has, sadly, become incredibly popular amongst young people from all classes of society. However, one must also be aware that it can also be used as simply a term of abuse and nothing more.
Nellie called me a ‘cocksucker’ because she found out I was dating Florrie from the pickle factory!’
by Colonel Barnaby January 23, 2023
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Someone who sucks cock.

Can be used as an insult or a compliment.
Don't be a cocksucker!
Look at that cocksucker!
She's a great cocksucker.
Fuck you you fucking COCKSUCKER!!
Aaa-ai-ai-ai, cocksuckers never eat hair pie.
by de-pube February 10, 2021
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