General all-purpose all-american insult used to describe anyone except the person who actually sucks your cock.
Fuck off you worthless cocksucker!
by Alan. May 2, 2006
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Editor in , who rejects good definitions, but passes B.S. like "the best guy/gal in the world" .
By rejecting this you proved that you are cocksucker.
by dildo777 August 12, 2018
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1. a generalized strong insult, requiring no foreknowledge of the target
2. an individual who consistently takes pleasure in pointing out your "failures," no matter how insignificant
3. an individual who schemes against you vindictively, out of a real or imagined fear that they are inferior to you
4. someone who is not conscious enough to realize they are fucking something up; whose lack of discretion causes you hardship
5. anyone who is an evil force in your life
1. (driving) "That cocksucker just cut me off!"
2. "This guy Gary at work snickered when the copy machine jammed on me. What a little cocksucker."
3. "This dude at the bar kept following me around, saying insults under his breath. Then he walked right in front of me when I was playing darts with Kris. I slammed that cocksucker against the wall."
4. "Susan asked Brad where I was last night, and he totally just said 'Vegas' without even thinking. Goddamn that cocksucker."
5. "My next-door neighbor is such a cocksucker."
by Bill Bryson August 30, 2007
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When one sucks on penises.

When one enjoys sucking on a male member for pleasure, recreation or money.

When you get paid to suck penis's.
I must not be a good cocksucker since I'm only getting pennies from hobos.
by Joshua Fogarty., May 4, 2010
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In this order:

1:A person that makes your life as hard as possible.
2:A person that will stand in your way, and mess anything up you do.
3:A person that only cares for them self, and no one else!
4:A person that is looking to give one trouble.
My Boss is a real Cocksucker.
There are so many: Your Boss, Your Wife, Your Husband, Your Father-in-law.
by WhackJob January 17, 2006
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A highly-skilled gay man with a specialty in Oral, to whom guys eventually say "Okay, yeah, let's go!" 10-20 seconds later (sometimes less) when said skills are offered to be applied to their own throbbing, horny members...surprise, surprise! Gobble gobble gobble.
Gerg is a renowned cocksucker, and not only for his life-changing oral skills, but his elegant seductions.
by Homo4ever May 19, 2018
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An idiot. An asshole. Word used for anyone who is genuinely a fucking piece of shit.
I'm gonna fucking kill that cocksucker for stealing my drugs.
by chicagobastard November 29, 2006
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