43 definitions by de-pube

You're a poofter!
Yeah, well...you're a WOOFTER.
by de-pube August 5, 2020
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To physically attack someone, as with punches and other blows, such that they suffer significant injury.
Back the fuck up nigga or I'll bust you up!
by de-pube August 13, 2021
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A total homosexual that leaves nothing to the imagination. A complete and absolute faggot.
What’s with those girlie cut off denims, flip flops and pink t shirt? You are an absolute fag. Wanna get punched in the face?
by de-pube March 3, 2023
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A pervert usually found in Japan who masturbates in public behind a newspaper or a tree before jumping out and ejaculating his cum on an unsuspecting woman.
I was relaxing on a park bench just outside the Chiba train station in Tokyo when I heard this strange shuffle-shuffle sound behind me. When I turned around to see what it was, a fat salaryman jumped out from behind a tree and shot his load directly in my face. He ran off in seconds leaving me looking like a bukkake queen. That cumshot terrorist.
by de-pube October 2, 2021
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An unworthy individual of zero value, ie Donald Trump.
When will be the day that Americans hear the last of this fuck stain?
by de-pube December 20, 2020
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The act of sticking your finger up the arse of a stuffed penguin toy.
look mom, finger penga!
by de-pube July 23, 2021
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