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A smoking hot, free-spirited, and down to earth celebrity. Her generosity and compassion towards others is astonishing. You can always count on her to be positive, honest, and supportive. She's usually a social butterfly and can be very opinionated. It doesn't matter what you're doing with this girl, you're going to have fun. She is independent and sophisticated. Her encouraging advice brings out the best in you. She's a triple threat. Beautiful, funny, and intelligent.
Elena is looks absolutely stunning tonight.
by reegz November 04, 2013
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Elena is another word for perfect. She is usually smart and really pretty. Elenas usually are smart. They are gorgeous and talented
Elena is smart.
by angel bbi January 04, 2015
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Such a beautiful person, most valuable friendship anyone can ever have. If yo ever have an Elena in your life don't let her go. She will always be there for you even if she's in a struggle. Most strongest girl ever quite sensitive but very brave. Has a voice like a hundred harmonic angels . Such a young body but such an old soul.
The way her body flows with hair following in the wind, everyone needs an Elena.
by s_in_love September 02, 2017
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A Beautiful woman, with a big heart. Who's smile makes you smile no matter what, who's big brown eyes always get what they want. She's caring, funny, adorable and the best person you could ever meet. She's loved by everyone (though she doesn't realize it) and is the most unselfish person I have ever met.

Elena J you are the best!!!
You thinking: Oh Elena is smiling, I can't help but smile too.
by HRSN#1 November 05, 2011
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The most beautiful girl you have ever met. She loves giving (and having) attention. She is also smart, funny, fun,sweet and incredibly reliable. Elena's are a treasure. The actual Greek meaning is: light. Elena's can tell when someone is feeling low or down.
Guy1: "man, look at Elena!"
Guy2: "dude, if I got a chance, I would steal her off her bf."
by Cupcakenoodle123 May 07, 2015
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is ancient name which meaning is light, rays of light, sun and moon light.

One theory of its origin is from the Ancient Greek Goddess of the moon light X(H)elena who walks in dark paths and searches for lost travelers.
The name is also known by Helen (Elena) of Troy. So often it is considered a good omen for the baby girl to bear this particular name.
Elena of Troy was the most beautiful woman in the whole world.
by lenival May 15, 2010
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Elena is a super smart, pretty,small, talented in different ways girl. She makes moves on the court like Michael Jordan. She takes pride and passion to anything she puts her head to.She loves animals and wants to be a vet. Funny at times but serious when needed. Puts her head to the impossible. Elena has a fabulous body and a great butt She will do anything for you. And a lot of people take advantage of her generosity.and she is very funny
Nick: Yo, Elena wanna go play bball

Elena : race u to the quart and I'll still kick your butt in the game

Nick: your on

Elena: go

Elena: ha I win

Nick: I let you win

Elena: you thought
by Elena F August 19, 2016
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