1. A gym machine used to keep fit.

2. a suggestive word often used by mothers to their kids to get off the internet, quit webcamming and being a luvoe and get on the damn treadmill, and start sweating it off.
"ahh marcie alis ka nga dyan, at mag treadmill ka naman, webcam na webcam ka dyan eh"

translates: " ahhh marcie get out of here, and get on the bloody treadmill will ya you sheila and get off the damn webcam"
by m0oks March 17, 2008
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The definition of being a Graphic Designer. Make the design, show the design, customer changes the design, make the changes, show the changes, customer changes the changes back to the first design, change things back, show first design, customer changes the design to whole new direction, make new design, show new design, customer changes design back to first one... and on and on and on.
Good God that agency has got me running on the damn treadmill. By the time they pick a design I'll have retired.
by Kyle Bellamy December 11, 2006
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when you are having sex in the same manner for extended periods of time
i was treadmillin' dat hoe all night
by allthemhatersbejockinme February 8, 2008
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Staying busy but not really making any progress on a particular project, goal, career or life in general.
I'm treadmilling at work and really need to find a new job.
by WholeLottaHmmm April 12, 2010
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The feeling you have in the morning after a night of intense alcohol consumption, while you are trying to walk somewhere. You feel as if you are walking on a treadmill without any thought-process at all, and stopping requires a lot of effort.
Jared: "Brandon, are we treadmilling again!?"
Brandon: "Oh I just noticed, you're right."
Jared: "Hopefully we recover before we get to the bakery so we can stop for a feed".
by Dbjawz June 20, 2012
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A secret code name used for when you are fuckin your ex boyfriends best friend.
"My god, my treadmill is fuckin crazy in bed."
"Last night my treadmill and I had a great fuckin work out...he has a big cock"
by porcupine November 24, 2003
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When a man stands with his legs apart on a treadmill while jacking off. Meanwhile his partner lays at the end of the treadmill belt and catches the drops with there mouth.
by Wiffleballwaffle July 22, 2021
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