Clipboard. An object that resembles absolute power and authority among businessmen and women. Treated as a Bible to those with the authority to use it and used religiously on a daily basis. If not used the owner of the Clipboard grows gloomy, bored, and depressed from not taking notes on how others behave.

Note: When a clipboard user is fired, after a long enough time of not using the clipboard, the former user begins to crave users of clipboards, and develops a kind of fetish. This is also known as the birth of a Karen.
P1: RUN! That person has a Clipboard!
P2: Just listen to it! There are already too many Karens in this world!
by That Guy :/ May 14, 2021
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Actually a common occurence for most men. When a sudden erection springs up in a public place and the boner's owner can do nothing but flip it up. "Clipboarded", if you will, against the body by the waistline of the pants.
"I was in Italian class and goddamn, that Signora Mazzoni, she made me pop a boner. It was so obtrusive, I had to clipboard it."
by Berry December 17, 2003
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A derogatory name for someone in shopping locations that approach members of the public because they want them to sign up to something (which usually entails a monthly payment) or participate in a survey.
You can't ever walk through town without some clipboard trying to stop you
by Billy Casper November 06, 2014
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The act of avoiding work by holding a clipboard or other object, to look like you're being productive and to avoid questioning.
Fuck this place, I'm tired of drumwinding, I'm going clipboarding; If you need me, I'll be clipboarding on the forklift
by xPEZINATORx June 20, 2015
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Name for one who opposes notebooks or any such organizational technique in secondary schooling and in lieu of is always seen carrying a thin wooden board with a metal clip on it.
by Luther2 December 10, 2006
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Clipboarding is the result of a popular artist with no talent copying and pasting popular lingo into their songs to make music.
Does the song say shawty? Yep
Does it say dancefloor? Yep
Does it mention tits? Yep
Excellent, we're clipboarding ourselves a chart-topper.
by mossyrock February 15, 2015
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n. An organizational tool used by type-A personalities to plan every detail of a vacation or trip.

This is a reference to a Full House episode in which dad Danny uses his "clipboard of fun" to micromanage the family's vacation in Hawaii. It is often a derogatory term used when the rest of the group wants a more easy-going and less planned vacation.
"I think I'd enjoy this trip a lot more if Joe would leave the clipboard of fun back at the hotel"
by MeghanG March 20, 2006
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