to develop a penile erection
Every time I look at myself in the mirror, I pop a boner.
by Silly Old Fool October 16, 2008
The phenomenon that takes place when a sexually aroused male experiences a sudden or gradual rush of blood to the penis causing it to stand stiff and harden, often occuring unexpectedly in a public setting.
I always pop a boner every time I see your mom bend over

I popped a boner in Miss Goodbody's math class just before she asked me to solve a problem on the board
by streetsouljah November 2, 2009
To pop a boner means for a guy to get a hard-on.
If I haven't taken care of my morning wood, I always pop a boner in the cadet showers!
by eda-skip December 23, 2021
To pop a boner means for a guy to rapidly get a raging hard-on.
Every time I see naked guys in the cadet showers, I pop a boner!
by USAF Cadet March 27, 2021
when your penis fails to work; a broken penis.

Tyler: whats it called when you sprain your penis?
Nate: It means you popped a boner.
by Spaghet October 17, 2008