When a woman's uterus and vagina contract causing unbelievable pleasure course through her body.
My lower belly clenched in anticipation of his cock. I could imagine it like it was happening. As my vagina was clenching, all over my body pleasure ran through my veins.
by Kittenliar January 16, 2018
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A neo-modern activity, involving the act of heterosexual men attending a homosexual nightclub with friends, traditionally for cheap drinks and the prospect of meeting an attractive woman with experimental tendencies. In doing this, the man often has to awkwardly reject the advances of drunk homosexual men, and hence 'clenching' their bumcheeks together.

Can be justified in conversation by shrugging shoulders and saying "YOLO."
"Hey, what are you doing tonight?"

"I'm going clenching with some friends"

"Ha, good luck.."
by Leeroy von Clenchencheek September 27, 2012
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The act of one male homesexual tightening up his anus so as to increase the pleasure of his partner. To make ones asshole tighter.
"I'm having a difficult time taking a leak today...Robert's been clenching the shit outta me lately.
by Gay Robert March 7, 2014
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Jaw clenching caused as a side-effect of consuming LSD. Generally not dangerous. Treated by staying hydrated and exercising the mouth. Nothing to worry about as worrying can cause a bad trip.
Luke: You just gotta watch out for The Clench
A.J. (On LSD): The Clench? Wtf is that?
Luke: You don't know about The Clench man? That shit will lock your mouth shut!
by deadheadkid92 August 10, 2010
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when one squeezes their ass cheeks together.
person 1: why does your ass look so toned?
person 2: im clenching my cheeks together.
by olaf the pimp December 12, 2006
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To hold a shit in for a long time, especially when it's not an appropriate time to take a dump.
I've been clenching ever since I got to work.
by superhog May 18, 2006
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when your pussy quakes and tightens at the thought or sight of something nut worthy.
when i saw that video of jacob sartorious, i clenched immediately
by mcmilner January 4, 2018
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