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A man-made environment that has much lower perticle counts than a normal environment
1. Hospital surgery rooms: to control the airborned bacteria contamination. ( responsible for postsurgery infections )
2. Semiconductor Industry: To control contamination of tiny particles. ( particles can cause defects on microelectronic devices and circuits.
3. Pharmamedical production. ( to control bacteria contamination in the drugs )
4. Space research and developement. ( the building and assembling of space shuttles and satelites. ( the space industry suffered many crashes and failed lunches during the 60:s to the 80:s because of particle-contaminated electronics )
5. Clean-rooms also appears i the food industry, but have lower requirements.
by Anders Tallbom July 17, 2005
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The filthiest room at the depot. The tableau is littered with dirty q tips, cartoons and drool from Lalondez dodos. The clean room is where the guy go to play trivial pursuit with Mr Gauthier. To make sure that Dum Dum cants see them fucking dats dog, fbannaty and Lalondez put up some dunnage to cover the window. Dum Dum blew up and tolls Turner so he says you cantsaydat and we has to take it down.
"Guy, GUY, we are having duhtour apres midi, so wake Lalondez up and clean the clean room"
by Rick the owner of the depot February 28, 2005
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A room in which all things are in the location that the room owner wants them
by Bob Johnson6968653 February 05, 2019
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