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Blocks of old, used wood, which are used to hold up vehicles, or brace components when servicing.
Put some dunnage under that truck before you set it down on the jackstands.
by James MW December 01, 2005
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Anything used in the shipping industry to brace and protect the freight being transported.

Dunnage includes, but is not limited to, empty cardboard boxes, inflated shipping pillows, lengths of wood, pallets, styrofoam, bubble wrap, etc.

One of the few words in the dictionary that actually sounds as unintelligent to say as the people who use it.
"Hey Ricky, we gotta a pallet'a Nexco in door 65 goin' to Tampa that's bouta keel! Why doncha grab that dunnage o'er thur an use that toll motor, and we'll pack it up high and tight."
by RlyRlyBigMan January 18, 2009
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The cardboard piece we put in the box de lit avec the napolene flake so that the moldy damp bed donts get any more moldy and damp. If you unwrap the dunnage, you will likely find an olympic gold medal, the firsh hishu of Time magazine, or a cartoon. Lalondez youse to be a dunnage supervisor at his job at Nortel!
"Hey Dum Dum, before you go uptowns,to harrass a new bunch of guy, wrap some dunnage up for the box!"
by Anna Fuso Petro-Can January 12, 2005
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