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The liss of tings you cants say in front or around the backside of Turnip. Anytings offensive, disagreeable, out of line with the stringent values of the depot code will get the automatic you "cantsaydat" reply. The guy can get a letter if they haves plusieurs "cantsaydat"s. It is estimated by Mr Gauthier that the phrase "cantsaydat" is uttered 306 times dans a jour by Turnip. Mr Gauthier cants count though, but of course, you "cantsaydat"
"Hey Dum Dum, did you see any minou with just a muah when you were uptown?"

"GUY! You "cantsaydat". In fact, you even "cantsaydat" Dum Dum was ever uptowns! Ill pretend I didnt even hear it! This conversash never even took place!"
by Harry Beamish's granddaughter February 22, 2005
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