The gagging sound that is heard when a mouth is being fucked, most commonly encountered during a blowjob.
I went to this girl's house last night and things were pretty boring until she gave me the clark, and I left.
by thewitchdoctor July 27, 2009
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To clark something is to shun it until this act of shunning becomes excessive.
When clarking something or someone, one must not converse with it, refer to it or even gesticulate at it.
These are all forbidden during the act of clarking.
A true master of clarking is able to clark for anything up to a week.

Onlooker: Aseem is in one of his moods again, he has been totally clarking Nicky
by Dangoor March 01, 2009
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Irish for 'you're fucked'.

Should not be mistaken for Clarke which is English. Hense the E.

synonyms - run, run away, hide, you've done it now, someone gunna get a hurt real bad, do you like your face

antonyms - you're safe, relax, i'm not going to knock you out

common misspellings - epic, winning, run, hide iwishthatwasmylastname
Clarke - Crumpets and tea? Oh wait good sir, you're Irish!
Clark - Clark.
Clarke - Ah yes!
Clark - *sigh*
by thundaacaat July 04, 2011
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Retarded- Looks like a Borak Warrior from the Captain Mighty Series. Sucks ass at baseball. Unless they are tied.
You reatrd! You're such a Clark
by Modafaca January 30, 2019
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The worst school you’ll ever go to filled with ghetto ass bitches and dumb fuckheads and snakes. There’s rape in the fucking air
Hey have you been to Clark recently?
Oh that ratchet shithole?
by Baddest Biatch October 02, 2018
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A shitty version of Danny Devito that isn’t funny or short. Constantly being the most annoying fuck in the game.
God damnit Clark’s here.
via giphy
by Connor rewark December 23, 2019
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One that doesn’t miss.
Hey Its Clark, whats up Clark!
by CeoDavion April 10, 2020
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