When you're up WAY LATE at night and you suddenly find everything and anything hilarious, as if you were drunk.
So today I woke up sore-throated after laughing so much when staying up until like 4am being all time wasted. I swear that I was so time wasted that even Larry King was hilarious.
by JimboWales August 19, 2010
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Someone who chats online to you for weeks, you call each other randomly to chew the fat, you send recent face and body pics of each other, everyone likes everyone's "bits n pieces", everyone's on the same page (or so it seems), they turn up to your house for what you both understand is a booty call then they decide to leave within the hour after only a beer lol
by Wtfisgoingon1407 August 02, 2019
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what I spend 90% of my "work" day doing......how many people, do you suppose, actually work at their job? How many actually earn a paycheck? I certainly don't. I'm not proud of it. It's pathetic, in fact. Thank God for sites like this that can keep me amused for hours.
Five minutes after I arrive at work, I can commence wasting time.
by fuckface October 14, 2003
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Currently you're wasting time while reading this. The fuck your doing here go outside, or just beat your dick off you bastard. Seriously, you are wasting your time(see what I did there) by reading this. Go get a girlfriend or boyfriend if you sway that way. Seriously now, shoo. I'm just kidding, keep reading this. Just kidding, get off Urban Dictionary and finally beat Dark Souls.
by AsianSanta October 11, 2019
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what most people do on this site, while giving bullshit definitions or definitions which don't make any sense; with horrible punctuation, and run on sentances with no grammer. The context of these definitions are usually opinion based and racist, or simply hateful on a certain person whom is most likely better off than them; or banging someone much hotter.
Mike Jones
1)i fucking hate this guy omgomg somene plz tell him he sucks like seriously what a lazy rapper!!L0L!1omg
2)who is mije kones lolzz!11
by lil wyte January 26, 2005
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