A guy with a incredibly huge penis and has balls of steel and is great at sports
by Clarke yo boi February 23, 2017
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A town in New Jersey which consists of 99.999% white people. To that extent everyone there is a racist son of a bitch who burn down black people's houses.
Clark officer: do you know why I pulled you over?

Hispanic man: no

Clark officer: you're threatening me! do you want me to shoot you?

man walks away with $250 ticket for having an accent
by Amanda Pyle February 14, 2015
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N. Glasses. Derived from the character, Clark Kent (of "Superman" fame). These glasses are black, plastic, thick frames of the wayfarer persuasion.

Recently have grown in popularity due to the post-millennial hipster uprising.
Amelia: Look at that guy's glasses. He's such a nerd.
Jadon: He's not a nerd! Those are genuine clarks!
Amelia: I love him now!!!!
by Jay Jay Cool Whip February 05, 2010
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The perfect nickname for your superman. He is always there for you no matter what! He can always put a smile on your face :D He's handsome, super smart, and a great listener! Not to mention he looks great in a tux! Clark is a boyfriend that will always be your best friend.
M: "Hey look at this text Noah sent me!"
J: "Awww that's so sweet!"
M: "Yeah, he's my clark!"
by Mate<3 May 02, 2010
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A reference to one with immense physical power capable of taking down entire town single handedly. A great power resides within a Clark and only one thing can ultimately destroy one....cold pizza
"Our town had a Clark for a while until we dosed him with cold pizza and destroyed his presence."
by Peter R Loughren November 04, 2009
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An unexpected release of gas out of the ear. Usually very obnoxious and mistaken for a fart. Clarks tend to occur after earthquakes or before going on a roller coaster and they release a toxic looking gas called AH otherwise known as EUWL!!
"I don't wanna go to the boardwalk man - all those roller coasters equal loads of clarks"

"I understand man, you don't want EUWL all over your girlfriend"
by redbluegreen May 29, 2007
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