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A city in san diego. West of the freeway there are ghetto houses. east of the freeway there are million dollar houses....
Chula Vista is a nice place to live
by Alie February 16, 2005
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the sound ashleys dog makes ,,. kinda sounds like a bear... say it when ur reallly bored... but u gotta do itttt loud..
fwwwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnn.... in the middle of class... when everyones quiet or taking a test... the look around like u didnt do it
by alie April 09, 2004
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Parent teacher conference.
WesternSun66: PTC
millencolin592: whaaaaaat?
WesternSun66: PTC
by Alie March 25, 2004
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Ok first of alll theyre not pigs...but its a police call code that means that there's been a murder.
*if ppl wouldnt commit crimes cops would be outta a job* :D
dispatch- linclon 100 we go a 187 on broadway
Cop- 10-4...rolling code 3
by Alie February 19, 2005
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