City in San Diego County's South Bay. Also known historically as "Nasty City" for it's inner-city grit and past high crime, it's a predominantly low-income/working-class community inhabited most visibly by Latinos and Filipinos. Had been known as one of the poorest cities in California, and is still the poorest city (in terms of income) in the County, but recent civic improvements and investments, as well as improvements in law enforcement in recent years, had shown that this town is "a city on the move."

The intersection of Highland Ave and Plaza Blvd was actually featured on Lil Rob's "Summer Nights" music video.
The people living in National City are proud, hard-working folk. Don't get it twisted.
Southside Daygo love...from Southeast to National City we roll hard....619 shit. We hard-working peoples so don't get it twisted primo...
by FrmHighlandto43rd September 25, 2005
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Take the 5 south almost all the way and you'll end up in National City. This place is boring as fuck! If you live there it's ok cuz you have friends and everything. Drive by and you'll see all the walls are blotched different colors from painting over tags. The only stores are car dealerships, donut shops, 99 cent stores, and pawn shops. Since it has the same street names as Barrio Logan it's fricken confusing when you use a map. The only reason to go here is if you are visiting someone or you want to buy a used car.
by Carmina> April 30, 2007
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This is when a situation is unusually and extremely awkward. "Awk City" can be upped to "Awk Nation" when the situation is the most awkward possible. This can only be used in extreme circumstances.
"He just texted me about how he wears diapers."
"Awk city/nation."
by A.W.K March 16, 2010
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