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Ysidro (e-c-dro)

-Mexican Name

-Meaning- a boy who loves to do everything fun, a person

----who everyone is jealous of because he stands out no matter where he goes.
Ysidro is the best !
by ysidrolll July 20, 2011
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The most awesome person you can ever meet, EVER. He's kindhearted, funny, and an awesome friend. The moment you meet a Ysidro, you don't want to loose him, he's special. Sometimes addicted to playing killing games such as killing floor and Call Of Duty, either way, he's really good, and he will, FOR A FACT, beat you at it. Even though he plays video games he very fit and healthy. He'd make a good friend, boyfriend, and even husband. He's probably the most lovable person you'll ever meet.
He's awesome, fun, and good at video games, his name must be Ysidro.
by FrankieSykes August 12, 2011
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