From "The Little Rascals" movies. Buckwheat always mispronounced "okay" and said "otay".

Spanky: "Hey, Buckwheat! Hold this for me."

Buckwheat: "Otay."
by OD December 6, 2002
another word for okay

originating from the little rascals
Q: do you want something to drink?
A: otay!
by kayla5748 May 31, 2007
a childish version of okay that everyone uses in tiktok its really annoying and weird to hear

stop using it or die
Amanda : are you okay

Jasmine : I’m okay

Amanda : oTaY
Jasmine : shut up
by stray kids April 5, 2021
A region of South San Diego, and also a gang. Their sign consists of creating an "O" with both hands and holding it above your stomach.
I wouldn't mess with those fools, they're from Otay
by kams March 27, 2005
Otay. I'll be right over
by Bungalow Bill September 22, 2002
A word girls use when they do not like what you just said.
Guy: "I'm going to have to re-schedule."
Girl: "Otay."
by Bielle August 5, 2010