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A small city (of appx 217,000) located in south San Diego County. Chula Vista is known for its low income areas on the west side (Feaster, Harborside, Castle Park, Otay), and its high income areas on the east side (Eastlake, Otay Ranch, Lynwood Hills). West Chula Vista has a high to moderate gang problem, like most other areas of south San Diego County (southeast San Diego, National City, south San Diego, and Imperial Beach).
Charlie stopped in Chula Vista after he partied in Tijuana.
by Yardstick November 03, 2005

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Varrio Chula Vista. A street gang from the west side of Chula Vista, CA. Also known as: VCV GLS, 3-22,III-XXII.
That crazy vato is from VCV.
by Yardstick November 03, 2005

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A blue collar neighborhood located in southwest Chula Vista, California. The community of Otay was incorporated into the city of Chula Vista in the mid 1980's-which explains why the neighborhoods gangs (Varrio Loco Otay, River Bottom Locos, and Rasta Locos) claim South San Diego instead of Chula Vista. Otay is one of the oldest Barrios in San Diego County.
Everybody knows that vatos from Otay, and vatos from Varrio Chula Vista, don't get along.
by Yardstick April 01, 2006

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