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A CareBear gone evil. Hobbies include smoking rollies, vandalizing property, and cussing your ass out.
My biggest fear is that in the middle of the night my CareBear will be transformed into a SwearBear.
by sweetness-and-light April 30, 2007
okay first things first, Chula Vista is NOT the most ghetto area in San Diego...not even close. people from bad areas get bussed into Chula Vista and Sweetwater High cuz they're good schools.

Chula Vista:
Tons of little random stores, like flower stores, wedding dress stores, and photo frame stores. Lots of little Asian food and drug stores. Tons of McDonalds, pawn shops, 'dirty' book stores and gentleman clubs, taco shops, and 99 cent stores. Home to the INS, where immigrants go to come into America LEGALLY like me(wow new concept). Lots of raggedy ass houses and bad ass kids lol! But it's cool.
You should come and live in chula vista. It is 10 times better (less ghetto) than city heights, barrio logan, encanto, and even national city.
by sweetness-and-light May 1, 2007
aite so lincoln heights is a neighborhood in sesd or southeast san diego...near paradise hills. it is not a place you wana be at night. poor neighborhood, with a big gang problem. primarily hispanic black and asian, nearly even. The school, lincoln High, was closed because kids kept getting blasted or 'klacked'. It's reopened though. A lot of the kids when Lincoln closed went to nearby SCPA or the performing arts school in paradise hills. A lot of them are still really defensive about lincoln and don't wear green unless you go there or u gona get shot, you don't see a kid in Lincoln Heights wearing green if they don't go to Lincoln Heigh or they kmow they gonna get shot.
Lincoln heights is a ghetto neighborhood in san diego.
by sweetness-and-light April 30, 2007
A poor, crime ridden, ghetto section of southern California, southeast of San Diego.
I live in Encanto homes
by sweetness-and-light May 1, 2007
A foamy white substance that comes from a can like whipped cream. It usually has no smell but can sometimes smell sweet and flowery. It can be used on wet or dry hair, to minimize poof and if used in a large quantity, can produce the effect of crunchy, shiny, wet-looking curls. Using mousse has many different names, such as scrunching, moussing, or sponging. Used very widely by Latinas.
can you knock on ceci's door and ask if she got any more mousse I can borrow?
by sweetness-and-light May 24, 2007
A sentence comprising of almost all cuss words.
Verbal Slap

That asshole bastard bitched about fucking that slutty cunt!
by sweetness-and-light May 1, 2007
A working class, dangerous neighborhood in southeast San Diego. Its gangs have been at war with Valencia Park gangs.
by sweetness-and-light April 30, 2007