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A synonym for Chula Vista and Tijuana. A geographic area north of San Ysidro (the US-Mexican border) and south of San Diego. Like its mother city San Diego, Chulajuana is dominated by an ethnic Mexican population and all the wonderful things that come with it: overpopulation, ignorance, inability to speak English and resistance to assimilation into the bigger picture. Welfare is the primary source of income for the average Chulajuanian. The post-pubescent females of the area seem to suffer from a condition of perpetual pregnancy with suspicions that the fetus may also be pregnant. A crime zone. The area of the San Diego metropolitan area (along with National City, also known as "Nasty City") where more stolen cars are recovered than anywhere else on earth. A transit point for the American-to-Mexican transfer of wealth: drugs, auto theft, burglaries, human trafficking. The only thing that will save Chulajuana from itself would be a long-overdue earthquake of high magnitude.
My Toyota just was parked (and locked) on the street by my San Diego apartment. Twenty minutes later I discovered it was gone. Two weeks after reporting the theft to the police, they called and said "the frame" was recovered on a street in Chulajuana. Naturally, the insurance company claim rep investigated on the assumption that I had something to do with the theft, saying that San Diego is the city you park in if you want your car to disappear. This actually happened
by Frediam September 18, 2011
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A rural suburb of San Diego, close to the Mexican border. AKA Chula Vista, Chulajuana is known for its lower income citizens who work multiple jobs to support their extensive families and its plethora of Taco shops. Many enjoy the luxuries of having nice cars, aftermarket wheels, or both, but cannot afford to maintain their vehicles properly, leaving them stranded with 3 kids, 2 babies, and a dog.
Do not open an auto repair store in Chulajuana unless you carry cheap wheels, because most will go to Tijuana and have their cousin repair their car for $20.
by John675309 December 06, 2007
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a grey area between San Diego and Tiajuana where the sexiest ultimate players in the world come from.
I was in Tucson for a tournament last year and i have NEVER seen anyone play so hot or look so damn good as those ho's from Chulajuana!
by Ricarrdo November 29, 2007
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