one from the middle east area or of middle eastern decent.
also called camel jocky, carpet riders, jawas, and so on.
Hamid is such a sand nigger i swear he eats the sand!
by Carsolmine December 19, 2006
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Someone of middle-eastern desint
I'm not gonna take this flight. Theres a sand nigger on board!
by Barduk July 15, 2008
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Should put all sand niggers back to the Middle East back where their people are at and send a fucking nuke at them like what a America done sand niggers are just a bunch of hairy pubey eye browed nonces with their chin that stinks out like a boner.
And sand niggers also get called stink bombers you can probably see why their called that. Their hairy nonces with their Aids and Hiv bunch of fat shits all they do is eat kebabs and sexually molesting goats and white kids and then cry about racism.
by WhiteBoyyeknow21 January 13, 2022
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Sand Nigger - A racist slur towards people of middle eastern decent. The term is used mainly in North America where it has become a popular derogatory term towards someone of Arab, North African, Afghan and Pakistani descent. It is less known in the UK where, instead, the term 'Paki' is used for people of the latter origins.
Black boy: "Hey yo Sam, you gon' be at the party tonight down by Westside of Compton?"

White boy: "Hell no! You want my ass kicked in by a bunch of Niggers?"

Black boy: "There'll be Sand Niggers there too?"

White boy: "Niggers, Sand Niggers or Timber Niggers, I'll still get my ass kicked in."

Black boy: "Fair enough, let me know if you change yo mind."
by PirusNiggaLeech March 14, 2009
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