1. A drink that is meant to be used in your mouth to sterilize it.
2. Can also be defines as a indian's (native american) favourite drink.
3. Can be used as a refresher for ur breath
4. Also can be used to drink as a replacement to lysol for indians.
1.(john): shit look at that native across the street
(mary): yeah i know, hey wait shes drinking listerine
(john): yeah i know look at her chug that shit

2. shit john ur breath stinks like ass lemme buy u some listerine.
by Mason Mang February 19, 2007
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A amazing drink only drank by the coolest people
GAAHH DAMN I'm GEEKIN off this bottle of LISTERINE
by Theeeogre February 14, 2023
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From the Cockney Slang word 'septic' which was short for septic tank...yank.

So to say that someone was anti-septic means anti-american...Listerine.

Clear as mud that one!
That Osama Bin Laden is a right old Listerine!
by Afroken November 14, 2003
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Poor Native indians drink it and get fucked. It comes with a free shot glass too.
Indian 1: Hey Gino, take a shot of this new less intense listerine.
Indian 2: I think i'm blind.
by nahunni August 6, 2006
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Drinking listerine wil harm your kidneys your liver, and your social life.
Affects 8 out of 10 homeless people.
Mommy, that man sniffing gas out of the plastic bag must suffer from listerineitis.
by skip 1 October 21, 2008
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'Modern Cockney' meaning ani american. Ryming slang for an American is 'septic tank' (yank) and Listerine is aniseptic so... yeah.
Guy in Market: I'm no listerine!
by Last Chancer October 23, 2006
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listerine is a mint soda that is like juice, b r u h
by stamplerels November 3, 2019
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