It started when a nice guy hundreds of years ago pretty much said, "Hey guys, maybe we shouldn't be assholes to eachother." For this, he was nailed to a tree.

However, everyone didn't seem to be able to understand "Be nice" so they made up a ton of reasons why he said this.
Eventually this was spun out of hand and one question led to another.

Eventually it started being used to give reason to biggotry. Such as hatred twords gays. When the real reason that these christians hate gays is simply because they are different from them.
It was mainly used to squeeze money from followers (similar to Sceintology). And to gain more followers the christians decided to smear other religons, like Saitanism, to have more followers and more money.
They did this by naming the guy they blamed everything on Saitan, putting their nonsense holidays on the same days as other holidays, and even taking over the holidays of other religons (like Christmas).

Today it is used for, the mental controll of the population of America, stealing money from it's followers, making hate laws (no gay rights), making yourself feel better than everyone else because you belive the story about the cosmic jewish zombie who is his own father, etc...
There are too many christians on the interent.
"No, I'm pretty sure it was Christianity that started WWII."
by GalenTheWorldeEater February 05, 2011
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The reason we don't all fly spaceships and explore the galaxy like in Futurama. A cult that should be re-named Analanity. The faster we get rid of these people the faster we can live in a technology driven Utopia.
Insane Christian: Excuse me sir, do you have a moment to talk about our Lord Jesus Christ?
Unsuspecting Victim: Only if you stop speaking out of your anus.

by phenixer May 31, 2013
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A beautiful religion based off of peace, equality, trust and love. Originally a sect of Judaism, Christianity believes in most things Judaism does, except that Christianity follows the concept that Jesus Christ is the divine son of God. Followers of Christianity also tend to have a very personal relationship with God, who is seen as a forgiving and loving God. The place of worship for those who follow Christianity is known as a church.
The follower of Christianity went to pray at church.
by FollowerofChrist14 February 23, 2012
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A relationship with Christ, commonly viewed as narrow-minded by non-believers who think its real funny to insult people with obscene references over the Internet. Big man.
I'll pray for you, because although I think you're a moron, I'm supposed to love you.
by Chris July 16, 2003
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The belief that some Cosmic Jewish Zombie can make you live forever if you simbolically eat his flesh and telepathically tell him that you accept him as your master, so he can remove an evil force from your soul that it present in humanity because a rib-woman was convinced by a talking snake to eat from a magical tree.
Christianity... it makes perfect sense.
by faketheway November 25, 2009
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Popular to contrary belief, christianity is not a religion, rather a relationship. Many people like to harass christians and the belief itself, but usually its the people who are to ignorant to think that maybe humans didn't just explode into existence out of nothing.

Its based around the principle that God sent his PERFECT son Jesus (which there are 3 entities of the one God: God the Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit) to die for the world which is sinful. The idea is that you have free will, so you choose if you want God in your life.

Masses of people think that Christianity caused all these wars and man-made chaotic genocides, but most of the time, Muslims have had done most of the dirty work.

The free will part is what makes the most sense because you don't HAVE to become a christian, its a choice and no one has anything to lose. God is all love, and everything happens for a reason, pain and suffering only build your character.
God Bless you all! he loves you, you know... christianity is a choice. But for some reason people of the past give it a bad reputation. I know that its been FRAMED!
by Jerry bombiddly August 05, 2011
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1) probably one of the most mis-used words in the world...viewed as a religion...which if you think about its all...but i will use it in the following definitions for lack of a better word...forgive me...
2) a "religion" that 50% of people will claim to be, but in reality less than 5% truly knows what is it to be a christian...
3) a "religion" in which most of the people that turn away from it are doing so because of christians...
4) one of the only truths in this world, and everone will know it one way or another.
person 1: i think christianity is a religion
person 2:...define religion...
person 1:hmmm *looks at dictionary* a set of moral guidelines to live by
person missing the point...its not about what you have to do...its about whats all ready been done for you because you could not do it yourself...
person 1: wow...
person 2: exactly
by a new person in christ October 21, 2006
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One of the three religions that involves the worship of God, along with judaism and islam (judaism refers to God as "Yahweh", and islam refers to God as "Allah").
Christianity revolves around the belief of the teachings of Jesus Christ. Christianity also has different branches, including catholicism (popularly-believed to be a radical and strict form of christianity), lutheran (said to be christianity for blacks), protestant, and presbyterian.

Unfortunately, christianity has been perverted by the world to be an awful religion based around occult-relations....this is because there are stupid people who claim to do bad things in God's name (see Al Qaeda & KKK; the KKK discriminates in the name of christianity).

Christianity revolves around love for everything, including fellow human beings. Unfortunately, we as human beings are doomed to hate one another because of our nature. Nevertheless, there are those who try to follow christianity strictly, so much that they don't say words like "damn" or "fuck" (christianity has been popularized as a personality where people don't swear).

On a sidenote, the dominant religion now is a battle between christianity and islam. Many are converting to islam for countless reasons; it is apparently a fascinating religion, albeit strict (and you're forbidden to eat pork).
"Christianity is misunderstood now; christianity is, by nature, a greatly respectable religion."

"Do unto others as they would love to have done unto you."
-Jesus Christ

"Love your enemies....for if you love only those who love you, where is the reward in that?"
-Jesus Christ
by Dave April 04, 2004
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