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The name given to the person in a group who consistently says and does stupid things.
Bubs was definitely the Rut of the group
by Filth Merch December 17, 2010
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to fuck
be in a bad situation
a ditch
i want to rut with my boyfriend.
i'm stuck in a rut since i can't choose over joey or bob
my car drove into the rut
by i wanna fuck June 23, 2003
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A low spot, a ditch or a pit.

A low point in one's life. It can be boring, sad, or frustrating.

To mate, to fuck.
Another day, another rut in the road of life.

Oy, are we in a rut.

C'mere, I wanna rut!
by Lorelili February 15, 2006
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A shortened form of beirut, the world's greatest drinking game.
Pete: "Something's fishy here."
George: "Yeah, we need to get to the root of this problem."
Alcoholic in the corner: "WHAT!?! Did someone say 'rut? I'm playing!"
Pete: "He means 'root' as in the kind that grows on trees."
Alcoholic: "Oh." (passes out)
by Nick D May 24, 2004
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Adj. 1. High grade Marijuana or hashish/ recreational drugs

2. A term that derives from Santa Cruz, California refering to something of good/great quality
A. (Taking a fat mole)(Throws Up)

B. Bro you just yuked all over my backpack

A. I know, rut mole.
by SoqCut831 June 30, 2011
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disgusting, foul, unpleasant, troublesome, obnoxious, nasty, unbearable, revolting, loathsome, shameful, vile, sickening, offensive or nauseating
person A: hey bled

B: Wot


B: SKEEEN MAN DAS A PAR, your so rut man

A: so................ butsex?
by Dave Mactit January 23, 2011
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