The name given to the person in a group who consistently says and does stupid things.
Bubs was definitely the Rut of the group
by Filth Merch December 18, 2010
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Adj. 1. High grade Marijuana or hashish/ recreational drugs

2. A term that derives from Santa Cruz, California refering to something of good/great quality
A. (Taking a fat mole)(Throws Up)

B. Bro you just yuked all over my backpack

A. I know, rut mole.
by SoqCut831 July 1, 2011
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A cowboy that Ruts all the time Rut da Fuk like da big guy and cowboy match up and then they say my base wrong place and they always rutting
Rut da Fuk
by Rutjakepauler69 May 30, 2019
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An uncomfortable situation or place, of which there is no easy way out.
I hate this job, but I just can't find another one. I'm stuck in a rut.
by Dr V May 8, 2008
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another word for having sexual intercourse. in the case below between two males.
awsten was rutting geoff. it was good.
by random455 February 6, 2018
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adj. Used in place of "fucking" on TV's Firefly.
"Fox was really rutting stupid to cancel Firefly, wasn't it?"
by Alecx Hunter July 26, 2005
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