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be·liev·er, noun

Someone who rejects logic and fact in exchange for faith in fairy tales, mythology, and misinformation; which they wrongly declare as truth. Normally a believer is a daft uneducated sheep who is incapable of processing information not spoon fed to them by a con artist in a cassock.
1. He said "I'm a believer," like it wasn't a merit badge to his stupidity.

2. The con artist (or priest as they are sometimes referred to), called upon his congregation of believers (otherwise known as air headed voids of intelligence ) to meet at the stadium and beg their invisible sky daddy for rain.
by Factscanbeproven November 23, 2011
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1▪One who believes in a diety, usually Christ Jesus.

2■a believer in the paranormal, i.e. sasqautch, extra-terrestrial:aliens in flying saucerss, ghost, chupakabra, vampires,etc.

3■someone into the ecoteric religions.
Have you heard Rayman speak lately, something got ahold of him he might be a believer and I think he is either crazy, lying, or, telling the truth.
by arc_huprnikao June 18, 2014
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A believer/s are people who value truth and fight for upholding what is honest, authentic, genuine and real. They will not surrender to manipulation, deceit and/or treachery. Although it might not be in their nature to fight under normal circumstances per say, when the situation arises a believer will continue to believe and have trust that the truth should be maintained by opposing or ignoring the forces of negativity that may be at work. A believer will stand up for what they know to be true and work together with other believers to protect the truth. Believers will not succumb to any attempt at deceit or manipulation and will remain faithful, loyal and trustworthy to 1) what is authentic and 2) believers of the same truth.
1) Believers will always remain faithful to their loved ones and their truth.

2) Believers will not succumb to negative forces and/or deeds

3) Believers will stay united, support, love and trust each other to protect the truth.

4) Together believers will be able to detect any forms of manipulation or deceit that may put their truth in jeopardy

*Note: the truth in this case can pertain to many things for example a criminal case, a family issue or even matters relating to relationships (not limited to these situations).
by onewhobelieves May 30, 2010
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a caucasian woman who only dates and/or sleeps with black men, because she believes the myth that all black men have large genitals.
Brian: "Damn, Lisa is all about Obama"
Jamie: "yeah thats because she seeks change"
Brian: "Nah, it's because she's a believer."
by Eddie Pinette May 27, 2008
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A string of 'believers' lay inside the belly of the transport plane, ready to fly home.
by MAC-Gyver May 27, 2003
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On the same idea as the "gunt". The "believer" is a the bulbous area found on an obese woman between the waist and the genital area. Not quite the belly, not quite a beaver.
Awe sick! Did you see that lady's believer, thats gross!
by Hot Carl Winslow January 03, 2008
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When someone says it’s going down believer they mean SmASh!! It’s a riverdale reference from riverdale
Archie: It’s going down believer in this bitch.

Veronica: Oh yes, Archikins!
via giphy
by Pub the snail November 28, 2017
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