1▪One who believes in a diety, usually Christ Jesus.

2■a believer in the paranormal, i.e. sasqautch, extra-terrestrial:aliens in flying saucerss, ghost, chupakabra, vampires,etc.

3■someone into the ecoteric religions.
Have you heard Rayman speak lately, something got ahold of him he might be a believer and I think he is either crazy, lying, or, telling the truth.
by arc_huprnikao June 19, 2014
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be·liev·er, noun

Someone who rejects logic and fact in exchange for faith in fairy tales, mythology, and misinformation; which they wrongly declare as truth. Normally a believer is a daft uneducated sheep who is incapable of processing information not spoon fed to them by a con artist in a cassock.
1. He said "I'm a believer," like it wasn't a merit badge to his stupidity.

2. The con artist (or priest as they are sometimes referred to), called upon his congregation of believers (otherwise known as air headed voids of intelligence ) to meet at the stadium and beg their invisible sky daddy for rain.
by Factscanbeproven November 24, 2011
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A string of 'believers' lay inside the belly of the transport plane, ready to fly home.
by MAC-Gyver May 27, 2003
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1. I believe what I am programmed to believe.
2. I am unable to change what I believe just by willing it.
3. I do not decide what to believe.
4. I am always bound to believe whatever is most compelling.
5. I have no control over what I believe.
6. I believe that I have no control over what I believe.
7. I believe that the sun will rise tomorrow. I cannot NOT believe it no matter how hard I try. This belief is not under my control.
by yorrick hunt January 25, 2008
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1. Name of chain of museums, books, and TV show by amateur anthropologist Robert Ripley about things which are odd, unusual, or surprising.

2. In colloquial conversation, an event which is surprising or which seems unlikely but is (supposedly) true.
Def 1 examples:
Two-headed calf,
a man with father, grandfather, and great-grandfather all with the same birthday, or
Hindu priest who can drive a six inch metal spike into his nose all the way into his brain.

Def 2 examples:
Believe it or not, we are having twins! AGAIN!!
Believe it or not, she was choking, I was just performing the Heimlich maneuver!!
Believe it or not, I got the highest mark in the class!
by Edward Dow March 3, 2008
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The most horrid, terifying term in the history of anime dubs.
Derrived from dattebayo by a sick, twisted dub comapny in order to subject children to mind control via lame sayings.

In short: "Dattebayo" is a cool way to end a sentance. "Believe it" is not.
"I'm Naruto uzumaki, and I'm gonna become the best Hokage ever, believe it!"
"I WILL be Hokage, just you wait! Dattebayo!"
by Narutarded September 16, 2006
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The ultimate and highest confirmation of truth. Coined by Naruto, who says it at the end of every other sentence.
The admins over at my boards just sporked their own mods for no reason, believe it!
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