"Omg look at this adorable chonker I found on reddit!"
by Breebles November 22, 2018
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what a redditor calls a morbidly obese cat on the brink of death
Redditor: Hey, would you look at my cat? What a fine, succulent chonker!

Normal person: Dude, he's not a chonker. He's morbidly obese and can't even move without your help. You have to put him on a diet.

by GallusAnonymus April 13, 2021
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Refering to a 2018 meme of a fat housecat. But used more as a generic insult towards anyone about their weight or eating habits.
Another hamburger?! You're such a chonker
by UnSanitary July 7, 2019
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What Redditors call a morbidly obese cat and are most likely animal abuse for useless internet points and it is the exact same as parents making their toddlers morbidly obese for internet points
Normal human: I Think r/chonkers is animal abuse as its overfeeding an animal until its morbidly obese for internet points

Redditor: No it isn't

Normal human: It is, its the same as parents overfeeding their children until they are morbidly obese for pointless internet points
by AAAASADADAD November 22, 2020
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Chonker: A human parasite that lives in the rectal cavity of a person. It comes out at night and chews off a piece of the hosts ass and returns inside the cavity to feast.
Donny woke up with little red marks all over his ass from the chonkers the night before.
by allchonkedup February 17, 2009
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A extremely thick penis, but at a average length.
A Chonker also has smaller balls than a typical penis
Damn bro look at that chonker you got there! No homo but your balls be kinda small there homie
by Chonkchonk6969 June 27, 2020
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