Suitable for being photographed. Someone who looks good in everyday life but really shines out in pictures.
Jennifer is photogenic
by Ghost2499 August 7, 2005
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A person who ALWAYS looks perfect in real life and pictures. Even when they are making a stupid face or are tying to look ugly in pictures still look amazing.
"Hailey is so photogenic."
"I hate you, your so photogenic!"
by Ashleyyyyyyyyy March 5, 2007
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a person who looks good in pictures but not in real life.
she was very photogenic.
by Afireinsidethedarkness October 17, 2004
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Da lads lookin very photogenic in d photo der now
by Kcknnjqoajdndjd December 22, 2018
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(n) the quality or state of being attractive in photos
My photogenicness gets me a lot of "likes" on Facebook.
by razor20 July 14, 2011
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A genetical phenomenon residing within a host. The host may be a person, place† or thing. Usually photogenetic qualities reside in people, or animals. This gene has an astounding ability to enhance its host's attributes in an event of a "photo opportunity". Said host gains a charismatic boost during a photographic moment. As noted before, this is a genetical phenomenon, meaning it is not directly passed down from one parent or the other; rather it is indirectly passed down from a member higher up the family tree. (usually several generations)

†In the case of a photogenic place, it is usually somewhere calm and peaceful; somewhere that when people see it, they are (more often than not) subconsciously pleased with the view. If in such a case that the person is consciously pleased with a view of the place, such place must be regarded as sacred; especially if viewed as such by a vast selection of people.
Did you see that picture of Britney falling down? Even in humiliation she still looked graceful!

Yea, man. She's really photogenic.
by Kiete5 December 10, 2009
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