A once great site which has become the biggest circlejerk on the internet.

Over time, various political groups have flooded the frontpage in an attempt to secure karma. There are countless subs devoid of any meaning, where you have to mindlessly worship an ideology or you will get banned. The content is very repetitive with no end. Nowadays, because subs can brigade other subs, pretty much every sub has become like this.
reddit is a way for its founders to make a quick buck.
by questionmaster December 25, 2016
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Reddit (/หˆrษ›dษชt/): A large collection of douche bags and dick heads who drastically suffer from the Dunning-Kruger effect and posses a severe superiority complex, although the majority are ignorant losers and idiots.
Those Reddit idiots are a bunch of morons.
by ViXiVTech July 25, 2018
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A user generated web 2.0 news website with a lefty, libertarian and geek slant. Tends to be slightly more upmarket than its larger competitor digg. The comment system at reddit actually works unlike the broken system over on digg. This results in (usually) more intelligent conversations. One issue with Reddit is that a number of users have installed bots which automatically down vote or up vote specific topics. In 2007, it was known for its support of Ron Paul (and then later Obama), its anger at George W Bush and Cheney and its opposition to the invasion of Iraq and its opposition to any potential attack on Iran. Reddit users are also overwhelming against organized religion be it Christian, the Cult of Scientology, Islam or Judaism.

One annoying or endearing feature of reddit that is also unique is "theme" usernames who behavior in stereotyped fashions usually occuring to their chosen username (eg. CAPTAIN_OBVIOUS.) These can be fun, but they usually wear pretty thin after a few days.

In general, reddit is a smart forum than digg, although everyone is always saying that slowly reddit is becoming digg while digg is becoming 4chan.
Typical reddit postings:

Vote up if you want George W Bush impeached!

Yet another xkcd cartoon

20 reasons why Lisp is better than Haskell

10 reasons why Arc is better than Lisp

15 reasons why Haskell is better than Arc

Crazy religious retards are doing something stupid and illogical again.
by sense_at_reddit.com February 27, 2008
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My, and about a million other peoples lives. It has a toxic community. Only once will it have a non-toxic community
via giphy
by TheMemeDictionary February 03, 2018
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1. A competition to see who can come up with the funniest headline for the same picture
2. where most people get their content they post on facebook and icanhascheezburger
example 1. "I found this funny picture on reddit, but I bet I can make it funnier if I repost it with a different title!"
by K-Flynn November 26, 2013
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