A once great site which has become the biggest circlejerk on the internet.

Over time, various political groups have flooded the frontpage in an attempt to secure karma. There are countless subs devoid of any meaning, where you have to mindlessly worship an ideology or you will get banned. The content is very repetitive with no end. Nowadays, because subs can brigade other subs, pretty much every sub has become like this.
reddit is a way for its founders to make a quick buck.
by questionmaster December 25, 2016
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Similar to 4chan, though with more control over what you see with the use of subreddits you join. Has a system that allows you to see only the best content through upvoting the good and downvoting the bad.

Similarly to Communism, it sounds good on paper but terrible in practice.

The upvote and subreddit systems cause circlejerking due to you being in a community designed for an opinion, removing proper arguments between two sides and instead causes people to jerk eachother of separately.

At least the comment system is good though
Subreddit A: Wow I sure do like the colour red

Subreddit B: Well I like the colour blue more, making you wrong

Subreddit A: This means war!

*Both subreddits keep talking shit about the other and calling themselves right without have a proper argument*
by RandomStuf6 August 29, 2019
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A mindless cesspool of people doing circlejerk memes and topics like r/politics or r/atheism and many people make rather unfunny memes or jokes that are only funny if you have a low IQ. The community is toxic and there has been rising tensions for the political subreddits and honestly it is not an intellectual safe haven, it is like a neutered 4chan and will drive you crazy over the stupidity of reddit users and their stupid threads.
Reddit user 1: Haha Donald Trump is a wacko!
Reddit user 2: Nuh uh, crooked hillary is!
Reddit user 3: religion is for dumb dumbs
Reddit user 4: atheist are pretentious cunts
by Deadmojo July 13, 2018
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