What the scientists in this study did to "female Syrian hamsters" - not made up, genuine study!
Physiol Behav. 2005 Jan 31;84(1):135-9. Epub 2004 Nov 19. Related Articles, Links

The role of vaginal stimulation for the acquisition of conditioned place preference in female Syrian hamsters.

Kohlert JG, Olexa N.

Program in Neuroscience, King's College, Wilkes-Barre, PA 18711, United States.

This study investigated the importance of vaginal stimulation on conditioned place preference by sexual behavior in female Syrian hamsters. Hormonally primed female hamsters given vaginal masks and topical lidocaine prior to conditioning sessions were no different in their place preference conditioning compared to female controls with no vaginal mask or lidocaine. Control females not provided a sexually active male did not show any preference for either compartment of the conditioning apparatus. These results suggest that stimuli, in addition to vaginal stimulation, are effective in producing a place preference during the mating experience in female hamsters.

PMID: 15642616 PubMed - in process
by Finesilver January 20, 2005
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a person with a grape skin in mc and who is a mini mod in bbh discord
aka blandeu
omg do you see that blandeu kicking a dog
thats animal abuse
by Jeton February 4, 2021
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A disgusting piece of breathing scum that should be wiped off the face of the planet in the most brutal way fucking possible for even daring to hurt the adorable floofs that god has blessed us with. All animal abusers should die a slow painful death of starvation then suffer for all enternity in the fiery painful pits of hell.
animal abuser: yeah, I hurt my dog yesterday for trying to love me
Awesome person: *beats the shit out of scumbag
by Totallynotkiki2005 December 9, 2018
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A living piece of shit that should go to hell for eternity and burn with the rest of the criminals eating something worse than shit.
He’s an animal abuser.
Send him to fucking hell!
by Nobody69420 June 30, 2020
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A sad condition that occurs after pissing off your wife or girlfriend really bad! Case studies show men are most likely to commit animal abuse soon after the "you're cut off" time begins. Effects seems to be acutely focused. Men routinely catagorize themselves in several specific groups. These men are engaging in acts of Spanking The Monkey, Choking The Chicken, Whacking The Weasel, Flogging the Dolphin, and new recent reports demonstrate cross species abuse. Some have now begun to Beat One Eyed Willy, until he finally gets mad and spits on them.
(caller to friend) Dude! I forgot our anniversary ... ... ... again! Third time! What am I going to do?
(friend) ... ... ... ... um, ... ... ... um, ... ...
(caller to friend) Do you have a chicken, or any Sea Monkeys?
(friend) -long pause- Um, Willy want's to know if your OK?
(caller to friend) ... No ... I've become an animal abuser!
(friend) -muffled voice- Willy ... He wants to talk to you.
by LayItOnYou March 17, 2007
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When you do something that causes harm or discomfort to your human body.
Greg: I take freezing cold showers and juice cleanse to keep my chakras aligned.

Mark: That‘s straight up animal abuse.
by Madisonraddison April 26, 2021
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Is someone who causes Harm or neglect. Mistreats an animal. Malnourished

Or using an animal to breed off spring. Physical abuse with any form of kicking punching etc. Just because someone choices a diet of meat or animal products

Or even chooses to by shoes Your not an animal abuser.
Joey kicked the dog so that makes him an animal abuser
by Cutie.bum October 3, 2021
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