noun or verb; another word for sex or sexy, since they're both addicting and sweet.
"Alexis was the best piece of chocolate I've had in the last few months!"

"Gimme a little more of that kind of chocolate and I'll really show you my sweet tooth."

"I like it warm and chocolatey."
by Kiinoaeyy May 17, 2007
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the best food in the WORLD
u dont doubt this its true any1 that doesnt like chocolate can just leave
If i dont get to eat chocolate atleast once a day i get migraines.
by bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb October 28, 2009
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The Meaning of life.
Screw 42 thats a load of bull.
Chocolate + mushy romance film = the best cure for a broken heart
REMEMBER chocolate is an afrodisiac it actualy scientifically makes u feel better
chocolate is my substitute for love.
my best friend got dumped so we spent our saturday night with dairy milk Chocolate and mister darcy
by Mb... December 22, 2008
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1. The most delicious thing ever discovered by humans.
2. The most addictive food in the world.
3. The best excuse in the world.
Little Innocent Boy : Hi mommy! do you wanna play with me?

by ChocolateFantasyUnicorn December 05, 2010
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1. n. Food product coloured dark brown due to the cacao.
2. adj. Unlikely
1. Chocolate is yummy for my tummy.
2. "That'll be chocolate."
by brendan July 11, 2004
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The most incredible feeling one can ever have
Dude....i am so chocolate right now, you have no idea

Dude....you are way too chocolate for your own good
by Tiberious hoo ha June 15, 2010
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Me: *munch*
Person: What are you eating?
Me: Chocolate.
Person: Wow. What else is new?
Me: *WACK*
by PurpleishInk2 August 12, 2008
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