In the end, the only person I really need to worry about is numero uno.
by Janis March 9, 2005
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A llama, q.v. From Spanish "Number one!"
My llama, Numero Uno, is smooth and soft.
Pay me in advance.
by octopod December 2, 2003
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That is my name. It is protected by the US copyright office. U cant fucking use it.
Yo did u meet that crazy psycho kid?
Ya. His name is Dumbass Numero Uno.
by fuckmehardermel April 29, 2019
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A variation of "uno reverse". When you unknowingly talk about someone who turns out to be yourself.
When she told him she was texting, he made a numero uno reverse when he accused her of cheating on him, when in fact she meant she was texting him.
by mountainofcupcakes January 21, 2021
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Definition 1: A moment that makes you go "bruh", or just makes you confused.

Definition 2: An online meme in which the joke consists of a picture of Tyler, The Creator, or another image, and a text that says: "Bruh momento numero uno". It's a form of the genre of low effort memes.

Note: There are many "bru momentos"
Person 1: LeBron James is better than Michael Jordan
Person 2: Bruh...

In this example we can see that the second person ad a "Bruh momento numero uno"
by Clutch_. November 24, 2022
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a gorgeous woman with beautiful blonde hair who goes by the name of Enya
I love my numero uno because she’s the best around

I can’t keep that numero uno off my mind
by Phil macrackin 42 October 16, 2021
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