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Shit vids my school makes
Cringe makes me cry
by SUMFURRYTHING June 17, 2016

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Every other dude you meet
There's like 12,390,658 Michaels born a second.
by SUMFURRYTHING June 19, 2016

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a dude who reads online posts. He's low key a furry and his forehead is large.
Jacksfilms was spotted reading comments with furries
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by SUMFURRYTHING December 31, 2017

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Reactor on youtube who forgets what he watches and is tired
Charmx reacted to the same video
by SUMFURRYTHING May 06, 2018

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Gamers who's soul purpose is to harass innocent people who disagree with their platform. They see themselves as gods but everyone else sees them as a 400 pound nerd
That PC elitist called me a fag because I am playing Wii.
by SUMFURRYTHING October 11, 2016

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Bald skinny man on impractical jokers, he somewhat resembles a ferret and has foolproof plans that's never work
Murr got punished and had to run across the bridge in cold weather
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by SUMFURRYTHING June 24, 2018

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An upcoming game on the PS4,Xbox one, and PC. It's a sequel to Watch dogs and takes plac in SAN Francisco.
Can't wait for watch dogs 2, it comes out November 15th
by SUMFURRYTHING September 23, 2016

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