Where everyone is copy and pasted
A: "Copy and paste this sentence."
Google: "Did you mean China this sentence?"
by GyroPickel January 23, 2018
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1) A country with a rich history (explained better by other definitions) and with the most amount of people.

2) Where all asians supposedly come from
"So, where do you come from? China"
"No, Korea"
"So you must speak Chinese then"
"No, and there isn't a language called Chinese, but differecnt dialects"
"Do you like rice?"
by evilreddot June 11, 2006
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A blood-red communist country. Where very cheap and under-par stuffs are made. A country that is responsible concealing SARS and poison milk powder outbreak.

the definition of corrupted communist government.
In China , you can get away with murder by bribing the police.
by truechinese March 16, 2009
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China, or formally referred and perceived by the majority of the world community as the People's Republic of China, is a country that is located in East Asia, spanning west from the tip of Afghanistan to the eastern flatlands facing the East China Sea; spanning from the Northern grasslands of Siberia and Mongolia to the tropical and lush rainforests around the border with Myanmar, Laos and Vietnam. Currently its status as a country is not fully recognised due to the presence of another China, formally known as the Republic of China and occupies the eastern island of Formosa, also known as Taiwan. Historically, both the mainland and the island was led by the Nationalists, who fought and lost against the Communists who eventually took control of the mainland while the Nationalists retreated to the island in the 1930s and the 1940s. Both sides claim both of each sovereign territory to be under their jurisdiction, and that the other side is run by an illegitimate government. In the past few years, however, Taiwan increasingly inclined towards carving out its own identity and creating its own independent island nation, something which has infuriated the Communists for seceding their own sovereign territory. Both Chinas have developed separately over the past 50 years, resulting in drastically different political, social and economical structures.
A: Hey, have you been to China?
B: Which China are you talking about? The communist one or the democratic one?
by UsefulInfo October 05, 2020
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A magical place that likes to shove sticks up your ass as a tradition. This place also provides a shit full of stuff made out of plastic. Along with all the people who watch porn everyday, they also look like they're asleep.
that's china!
by fish historY 69 March 27, 2018
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Verb: To scam someone with a Chinese knockoff of a product
I know damn well you're not about to China me with those fake ass Jordans.
by HeyLaurenceHowUBeenMan December 04, 2018
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