One of the oldest countries in the world, it has a rich cultural history extending back roughly 5 or 6 millenia. The Xia dynasty were the first real royal line, overthrown by the Shang dynasty, who were, in turn, ousted in a revolution by the Zhou (pronounced 'show'). Gradually, China expanded, and with the discovery of tea, a rich cultre developed. It fostered the development of the Daoist religion as well as Confucianism, named after its founder. Once invaded by Mongolia, China found true prosperity under the wise rule of Kublai Khan. By the 1800s, China was probably the most advanced nation on the planet, with public libraries, schools and plentiful resources. However, after the population boom and following colonial conquests, China lost its Emperor in 1919. A nationalist leadership was set up, lasting through WW2 until, in 1949, Mao Tse-Tung overthrew it, creating the communist dictatorship we all know today.
China is responsible for such wonders as the Terracotta Army and the birth of Confucianism.
by Bob Johnson May 20, 2004
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A country with the combination of communist political structure mixed with a capitalist economy.
It's fair to say that China is neither red(communist) or white(capitalist) but a combination of both; therefore pink.
by s0x0r August 09, 2005
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Euphemism for "generic/imitation" when it comes to products such as gadgets, etc.
Dude 1: Man I got an iPhone 7 Plus for only 10 bucks.
Dude 2: iPhone 7 Plus for 10 bucks? That must be a china.
by chinadude November 13, 2016
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Wayward province of the nation of Taiwan (also known as the Republic of China).
The nation of Taiwan has so many beautiful regions: the scenic East Coast, the beaches of Kenting, the rugged mountains and the province of China.
by Li Keqiang February 20, 2014
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One big ass factory of Asians and things.
80% of my belongings are made in China. I am currently dating a girl who also was made in China
by oldemberg May 12, 2014
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She has short amazing hair. Her eyes are so beautiful ,and she has a big heart. She hates bullying and likes to smile alot. She has a beautiful smile ,and a good sense of style. She has no time for boys. You are lucky to have her as a friend so don't take her for granted. She makes you laugh and jokes alot. Sometimes can get sassy and rude. She loves to sing and dance ,and she so smart.
China is the most Royal person I know.....she got everything a girl needs in life.
by Crystal123456 June 20, 2017
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