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A simple expression standing for "Is it not?" Most commonly used back in 2012, it still carries on today and could be considered a slang word.
It's a lovely day, isn't it?
Isn't it a great day to go outside?!
Is it not could be said as isn't it, isn't it?
by FireController#1847 April 19, 2016
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the two words most used by iyer. they express nothing but are extremely hilarious and very nice to count. she says a very lot of "isn't it"s everyday, but it is considered almost impossible for her to say two "isn't it"s in one sentence.
We took the test yesterday, isn't it?
It's on the paper, isn't it?
by Brandon February 28, 2004
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pisstake when around chav types - see innit
"Check that Nova SRI it's got alloy wheels isn't it, an oversize back box isn't it and that black cling film allover the windows so you have to wind them down so people can see your Burberry baseball cap isn't it"
by street smeg May 05, 2005
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Put simply, "isn't it" is the most diabolical phrase in the history of man kind.
For ages, young students around the globe have dreamt in fear of such a thing. The mere thought of such a thing, is but the torched pain of an erect penis chopped in two. What more could be so terrifying?

The phrase "isn't it" has been a phrased passed down from generation-to-generation within the Iyer family (who are known for their devout loyalty to the Curry gods).

Be wary my friends, such a term can not be used so lightly - not even in a friendly gesture. Respect the Iyer Family. Respect her Wisdom. Respect Iyerism.
Yes, Jimmy, that would be very foolish, isn't it?
by Jeff March 14, 2004
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An oft used English term used by Indians when seeking agreement
"It's a beautiful day today isn't it?" Or "watch this, it's great isn't it?"
by Deano-1-2-3 September 23, 2016
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isn't it? is a question (tag) than requires an aserveration about something we'd talk before (last day for example) that you have avioded to manage for a while, and NOW is something rellevant indeed.
Yesterday your problems seemed so far away, isn't it?
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by March 06, 2021
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