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Market in Noida, U.P., India.
Women: Where is Sector 18 market?
Man: Bitch its in Noida
by DJ Gaurav April 17, 2006
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Cought unaware, ignorant

Origin: Derived from the ball game, Cricket. First used in India in the mid 1990s.
In the moment of orgasm,
Monica: Will you marry me?
Clinton: I am STUMPED!!!

Teacher: What is the capital of North Korea?
Student: I am STUMPED!!!

During a road show,
TV Channel reporter: You will win $1 million if you answer this correctly.
Mr. Cricket fan: (Excited) YES! I am ready!
TV Channel reporter: Okay tell me - Who is the Wicket-keeper of Kenya???
Fan: (Fucked up) I am STUMPED!!!
by DJ Gaurav November 22, 2005
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Its like taking on some one. In Hindi, the closest word for it is Panga.
"Lets take on the guys there"
by DJ Gaurav April 25, 2006
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1. Official political capital of The Republic of India.
2. World's first city in which the number of mobile phones has surpassed the number of fixed / landlines.
3. New name for the northern Indian city once called Indraprastha.
4. The capital city of the northern Indian state, Delhi.
5. One of the most metropolitan & cosmopolitan cities in the world with as many as 21 languages being spoken. Though Hindi / Hindostani (NOT Hindustani) enjoying the first language status, English being the general formal & business language.
6. People of the city are called New Delhiite or simply Delhiite.
7. The city has the world's largest public bus transportation system, 100% of which runs on CNG & is called DTC.
8. Locally called Dilli / Nai Dilli / Navi Dilli / Dehli.
Some Guy: Where are you from?
Other Guy: New Delhi.
Some Guy: Okay.
Other Guy: See you.
by DJ Gaurav November 22, 2005
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A guy who has nothing to do in life but to flirt around and eve-tease girls. Guys are always proud to be roadside Romeos.
Women: Why are you whistling at me? Are you a roadside-romeo or what??
Man: Bitch, Yes I am chick!
by DJ Gaurav May 4, 2006
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Women: Where is Pakistan?
Man: Bitch its next to India.
by DJ Gaurav April 17, 2006
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1. Paki / Pakis
2. People from The Islamic Republic of Pakistan
3. Sometimes used as a degatory or an abusive word
4. Jinnah
5. President Pervez Musharaf
6. Islamabad
7. East Pakistan / Bangladesh
8. Lahore
9. Karachi
10. Friends of Taliban
11. Abdul Quadeer Khan
12. PTV
Women: Are you a Pakistani?
Man: NO Bitch, I am an Indian.
by DJ Gaurav April 17, 2006
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