1- Of or concerning a democracy.
2- Who or that supports the belief that everyone should have equal rights and opportunities.
by Mokhtar Debaisy November 1, 2007
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In 21st-century terms, "Democrats" are the American-Based Political Party that believes in hiring/firing people based on their race/skin color.
Instead of firing people based on seniority, Democrats take race into account when making decisions about layoffs or other employment matters. It's ironic given they were once the party of equality in the late 1900s, but then again, so was the Republican party in the late 1800s, and it appears the wheel has turned again.
by mmjd03 April 30, 2023
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The proper way to refer to someone of the Democratic party.

Also an Insult or Slur because democrats are fucking ass and no one like them.
You are a fucking democrat and I don't want to be your friend any more.
by ObsoleteChrisBob July 17, 2023
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Also known as demorats, or libtards, are little kids who don't understand how the world works. They are hypocrites, and only listen to what the media tells them, instead of doing their own research. They are pro-abortion and communist. They don't accept other people's opinions and if someone disagrees with them, they simply say "racist" or "sexist". They are stupid, in baby terms, probably the only thing they'll understand.
Are you stupid? Or just a democrat?
by Butter69420 January 14, 2021
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In short, a dumbass that sits on their balls all day expecting raised taxes for others and more money for themselves. These people likely call anyone who has a differing opinion than them racist, spends more of their time on twitter than actually doing something productive and beneficial for the world, believes it's possible to magically bend the rules of science and change your gender, and lots and lots of more terrible and illogical things. They also say untrue things and spread terrible rumors about presidents that they don't like. These people additionally expect to be taken care of for free from the government like a little spoiled baby. Ask any white 13 - 30 year old if they're a democrat, they'll most likely say yes.
Guy A: I expect to be taken care of from the government and I complain about not being rich. I'm white and I feel *sniff* really oppressed...WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA GIVE ME MONEY FOR FREE ALL I DO IS SIT ON MY ASS ALL DAY AND EXPECT TO BE PAID YAAAYYYYY MONEY MONEY MONEY MONEY.

Guy B: Get the fuck away from me you crazy retard. I bet you think that you can swap your gender whenever you feel like. Stupid democrat.
by CoolAlien March 24, 2022
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Formerly the 'party of the working class,' now just a group of corrupt elitist scumbags running the U.S. government. Well-known for wanting to raise taxes, degrade white people, open the borders, release criminals, support domestic terrorism, expand the government, and get rich doing it.
Person 1: Our current president is a Democrat!

Person 2: Yeah, I heard he likes ice cream more than running the country!
by RollyPolly657 May 4, 2022
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