One of the oldest countries in the world, it has a rich cultural history extending back roughly 5 or 6 millenia. The Xia dynasty were the first real royal line, overthrown by the Shang dynasty, who were, in turn, ousted in a revolution by the Zhou (pronounced 'show'). Gradually, China expanded, and with the discovery of tea, a rich cultre developed. It fostered the development of the Daoist religion as well as Confucianism, named after its founder. Once invaded by Mongolia, China found true prosperity under the wise rule of Kublai Khan. By the 1800s, China was probably the most advanced nation on the planet, with public libraries, schools and plentiful resources. However, after the population boom and following colonial conquests, China lost its Emperor in 1919. A nationalist leadership was set up, lasting through WW2 until, in 1949, Mao Tse-Tung overthrew it, creating the communist dictatorship we all know today.
China is responsible for such wonders as the Terracotta Army and the birth of Confucianism.
by Bob Johnson May 20, 2004
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A country with the combination of communist political structure mixed with a capitalist economy.
It's fair to say that China is neither red(communist) or white(capitalist) but a combination of both; therefore pink.
by s0x0r August 09, 2005
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"chee-na" The word in Puerto Rico for an orange (fruit). The same word is also used for the country. The Spanish word for orange "naranja" is used only for the color orange. Thus, "jugo de china" means orange juice.
"Un dia sin jugo de china es como un dia sin el sol" (a day without orange juice is like a day without sunshine)
by Juan787 February 16, 2008
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The first country in population,second in industry and third in land.It has rich culture and history.People over there are nice and always happy (mainly because of their unique discipline)

Many people call China "awakened giant" ,because of her great success in the last few years.They have their stores and resturants around the world

By the way,look around your home,and you will see that at least 20% of your household items have a label that says "Made in China"

China has 1 248 100 000 inhabitants

It's land is about 9 536 499 sqare miles big

The capital of China is Beijing.The biggest city is Shangai
by broken fridge March 18, 2009
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China also known as "People's Republic of China" is the most populous nation in the world with over 1.3 billion people and 55 minorities. China is the oldest living civilization in the world with 5000 years of history. The name China stemmed from the Persian word for it that was Cin. Cin was derived from the early Chinese Qin Dynasty. For thousands of years, China was a leading civilization, outpacing the world in the arts and sciences but in the 19th and 20th centuries, the country was beset by civil unrest, major famines, military defeats and foreign occupation. After WW2, the Communist leader Mao Zedong seized China from Nationalist Chiang Kai Shek in a civil war. While ensuring China's sovereignty, Mao imposed strict controls over Chinese lives and inadvertently caused the deaths of millions of Chinese through his failed policies. Mao's successor, Deng Xiaoping focused on market-oriented development. After 3 decades, living standards improved dramatically. China is now the world's 2nd largest economy.
Educated person #1: China had a glorious past but they sucked in modern times.

Educated person #2: China's pride was shattered in the last 2 centuries but they're on their way to reinstate themselves as a world superpower.
by WarOfTheArts July 23, 2012
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a kind of plate.

a country.
Dude Hui got the China.

Serves it on china also.

I hear he's from china.
by hugaboo March 30, 2006
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A country rich with history, beautiful scenery, and great people; but a fucked up government that that issues more death penalties than speeding tickets.
I'd like to see China again
by BigBrother1 February 01, 2007
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