adjertive used to emphasize something which is very disgusting, revolting and nasty that you must close your poor eyes with your thrillingly shuddering hands.
My neighbour has done something very abhorrent by cauterised his dog with scorching knife while it was sleeping happily.
by As you think November 13, 2010
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The feelings inspired while watching Adam Sandler movies.
Adam: Did you see that atrocious trailer for Adam Sandler's new movie?
Jason: Yes....yes I did. I WANT TO FU&$%^G HURT EVERYTHING! Christ! Why does he do it!? Why!?

Chad: Hey guys, what are you talking about?
Steven: You guys talking about that horrible trailer?
Jason: <proceeds to yell and punch several inanimate objects>
Adam: Yea, Jason's pretty angry about it.

Chad: I watched it, but I'm not angry, more like disgusted by's almost as disgusting as an elderly woman's pi$$ smell. You know, if she peed herself and didn't wash for a week.

Steven: Lets just go to Em's. It's Rob Roy time.

A,C,J: Hell yes. Let's roll.

Adam: Grabbin some wings baby, sauce on the side.

At Em's...
Steven: Is that George C Scott?
Jason: What the hell? Didn't he die in 1999?
Adam: F'in zombie!
Chad: Fu&k em in the goat house!
George C Scott: <mumbling abhorrently> Burn in hell Sandler. Burn in hell...
by sandman50 July 14, 2011
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n. income generated by renting your property to whores
Billy started life pimping his sister on the streets, but got much more abhorrent once he had bought a condo.
by Bits December 10, 2007
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Disgustingly loose small homeless child living on dead organic matter
Oh my godness, there's an abhorrently lax saprophytic waif in the ditch over there! Somebody call 911!
by Courtney Mc. October 20, 2007
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