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Obviously peeing and texting isn't as insidious of a problem as texting and driving, but while cocking you might dribble on your new shoes or pee on the wall.
by mrumo June 16, 2011
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Cocked or the act of cocking. A single thrust sex act performed by a man named Joe so powerfull resulting in a jack hammer like effect.
Nikki's boyfriend was not satisfying her enough therefore a cocking was in order.
by Senior Waiter November 02, 2010
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The act of manipulating living, non-living, animate or in-animate objects with your penis.
Girl1: Arrghh, my throat is so sore I cant talk at all, i totally lost my voice, and i have bruises. I dont think that there was a single place on my body where this guys cock didnt go.

Girl2: that is what you get for getting cocked everyday of your weekend

Girl1: yeah, you're right I should probably stop cocking so much, but the way they manipulate me, i just can't stop.
by Teh_cocker May 04, 2010
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when you walk towards something/someone smacking your dick in your hand like a baseball bat with aims to intimidate/psychologically scar them.
lets just cock them to give us a psychological edge

I was so drunk last night i cocked the bakery lady

I was cocking this group of drunks last night
by John P. Diddy March 03, 2013
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Similar to the art of planking, however one thrusts their pelvis outward in a swift aggressive motion while another individual captures the moment on camera. Objects may be used, such as a fountain or another individual to intensify the movement.
You may have "planked" or maybe even "owled"...but have you "cocked"?!

We were cocking in this biatch!
by BizcuitzNWhat! September 06, 2011
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Whammy your hammy
yank your crank
jack off
*Sandy calls Darrell*
Sandy: Hey!
Darrell: Hold on bitch, im cocking it.
Sandy: What's cocking it!?
Darrell: Hold on I'm cumming.
by MandyLikesFendi January 04, 2010
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