High grade fi eva ah nuh bush(regs) weed neva.
by sam November 7, 2003
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Jamaican potois for Chronic.
You no u fi badman outta nah dub c gotta di riginal high grade ah ya fi na?
by NIGGA DUB April 9, 2006
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When your excited about something. Or to show approval in what someone is saying.
"Girl that party was high grade poppin last night, we have to go again!"

Bro 1: "Hey you Wanna get food?"
Bro 2: "high grade"
by Kwintyn10 December 23, 2016
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When you have been smoking for awhile, but then you hit something strong and strange and it gets you there quickly, there stupidly, and in the sweet spot. You know, like the first time you smoked, got high, in the eighth grade.
I went to my friend's house on Saturday to smoke out and my friend pulls out some dabs. I got that Eighth Grade High, again. You know what I'm saying?!
by 232 Almond Drive December 29, 2016
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Pryor junior high 8th graders are the dumbest people in the school. They get in fights all the time for messing with each other’s ex’s. All the teachers hate them. All the boys are shorter than 5’3. The girls all think they are depressed because the boy they like doesn’t like them back and likes their bsf instead. They go after the 9th graders cause everyone in their grade are immature. They are all talk but they can not fight worth crap. The boys are not good at basketball at all. They all make fun of the 7th graders even though that’s what grade they were in last year. They think it’s cute to get a mulet but they are ugly. All the girls think boys from adair are hot but they are to scared to talk to them. That’s the 8th grade pryor junior high kids.
wow those 8th graders are so wack

yeah ikr...
pryor junior high 8th graders are super weird
by salina_wild_cats_69 November 21, 2019
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That dumb High you get after smoking pot which renders you useless.
Man I haven't been this high since that time in 8th grade. Dude thats an 8th grade high!
by NickyBalls June 22, 2017
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